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Japanese painting, ink painting, animation background painthing brushes manufacturing
Japanese Art Brushes Maker

Shougetsudo Co.LTD.

Shougetsudo has been making KUMANO-FUDE(Japanese traditional brushes), a traditional craft, since 1946 in Kumano-cho, Hiroshima Japan. We manufacture a variety of artist brushes and paint brushes, including brushes for Japanese style painting, ink painting, and animation background art, as well as brushes used in calligraphy, Sanskrit, and Yuzen dyeing.

We produce about 600 kinds of brushes and brushes, 200,000 brushes a year, all handmade one by one by our own craftsmen.

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art brushs(画筆/Gahitsu)

We make brushes for Japanese-style painting, ink painting, and animation background art, as well as brushes for wax resist dyeing and traditional crafts, and brushes for letterpress painting.

paint brushs (刷毛/Hake)

We make a variety of brushes such as picture brushes, water brushes, and blotting brushes used for Japanese paintings, etc., coloring brushes for dyeing, stencil brushes, woodblock print brushes used for prints, and Sanskrit brushes.

Brushes for Japanese Style Painting


Japanese Style Painting

Japanese painting brushes and brushes such as “Saishiki-Fude(coloring brushes)”, “Kumadori-Fude(blur brushes), “Senbyo-Fude(line drawing brushes)”, “Menso-Fude(For detail drawing)”, and “Tketate-Fude” are used in Japanese painting.


Japanese ink Painting

In ink painting, brushes such as the “Tketate-Fude” are often used.The most popular “Tketate-Fude” are the “Choryu” , “Maruyama-Fude” and “Sanba-Fude”.
“Menso-Fude(For detail drawing)”, “Hira-Fude(flat brushes)”,”E-Bake(paint brushes)”, and “Renpitsu” are also used.

Brushes for Japanese ink Painting

This image is provided by Studio Ghibli through a service that has been providing photos of scenes from its productions since September 2020.

Brushes for Animation Background Art


animation background art

Certified Traditional Crafts Japan

Anime-Fude Sakuyo
Anime-Fude Kasumi

This brush is a Kumano Fude(a traditional craft) designated by the Japanese Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry.

In the 1990s, the quality of the brushes that the art staff at Studio Ghibli had been using until now was declining, which was having a negative impact on the quality of the background art.
They therefore sought a high-quality brush that would combine quality and durability.
They turned their attention to Kumano Town, which produces about 80% of all brushes in Japan, and consulted with Shougetsudo, a specialized manufacturer of brushes for Japanese-style painting, to jointly develop this brush specifically for use in animation background art.


Japanese Dyeing and Crafts

In traditional Japanese crafts such as yuzen dyeing and Bingata dyeing, stencil brushes for stencil dyeing and color-insert brushes for hand-painting are used. In addition, brushes specialized for dyeing, such as the Roketsu brush used for dyeing techniques using melted candles, are also used.

Brushes for Japanese Dyeing and Crafts

Picture letter brush


Picture letter brush

There are many brushes available for drawing lines, but this brush is specially designed to create elegant pictorial letters.This brush comes in three types: brown, white, and black shafts, each with different characteristics. They can be used by beginners and advanced users alike.


Sanskrit writing brush

This brush is specially designed for drawing Sanskrit characters. Originally, we only manufactured Sanskrit brushes made of 100% weasel hair, but due to the recent rise in the price of weasel hair, it has become difficult to continue producing these brushes. Therefore, we have developed a Sanskrit writing brush using mink hair. Although the writing quality is not the same as that of the weasel hair, both brushes are easy to use for writing Sanskrit characters. This brush is also often used for calligraphy.

Sanskrit brush

Okonomiyaki brush


Okonomiyaki brush

This brush is specially designed for applying sauce to okonomiyaki. Among goat hair brushes, the hair is selected to have good water absorption and a little hardness, so that sticky sauces can be applied to okonomiyaki firmly.

Online Art Exhibition

The 1st Casual Japanese Painting Exhibition

"Nekonofuton" Teacher's works

The first exhibition is a collection of works by “Nekonofuton” Teacher a Japanese-style painter who is working daily to “popularize Japanese-style painting by drawing cute Japanese-style paintings!
She has been making efforts to lead everyone to start Japanese-style painting casually.